Workers' Compensation Report

A Workers' Compensation search locates claim histories through a check of the Department of Labor in the state where the candidate has resided. Workers' Compensation searches are helpful in identifying those employees with high amounts of claims made against their employers.  The information derived from this search may not be used to make an employment decision until a conditional job offer has been made.

Scope:  Our standard search is 7 years. 10-year searches are also available if not restricted by the FCRA.

Turnaround time (average):  2 - 4 Business Days.

Type of Source: This information is provided by various unique state resources such as the Industrial Commission, Workers’ Compensation Commission, and the Department of Labor. This search is not available in all states.

Required Information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Social Security Number (often required to conduct the search)
  • Address History
  • AKA's, nick names and maiden names you wish to have searched (adding additional names to your order will increase the cost of the search as this search is primarily name driven.)

Method: The search is conduct by name and/or SSN. Many resources do not provide identifiers which may delay the search. If no identifiers can be validated the search is returned as “no records”. Some states also require notarized releases or state approved release.