Motor Vehicle Report

Motor vehicle reports provide information about the applicants driving record. Information returned will include license issue date, current driver’s license status, restrictions, expiration date, and moving violations. This search is particularly useful in instances where the person will be operating a company vehicle or their own vehicle for company business.

Scope:  Motor Vehicle Reports vary in length of search. The average length is three years of a drivers’ history.

Turnaround time (average):  1 Business day.

Type of Source: Information is made available through the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

Required Information:

  • Name (must be exactly as it appears on the license
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Driver's License Number
  • State the license was issued.

Method: Applicants name and driver’s license is searched through the State Department of Motor Vehicles. For all Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR) requests, a signed release is required from the licensee. A generic release is accepted by most states, but some require a specific release form to be used.