Consumer Credit Reports

A Credit Report can provide information on a person’s reliability, sense of responsibility and financial stability. Information found on a credit report includes: current and previous debts, payment history, bankruptcy records, lien and judgments, and current financial status. Pre-employment credit reports do not contain credit scores. Credit reports are best suited for those employees in a position of financial trust. The use of a credit report for pre-employment screening is not permitted in some states. Prior to requesting a credit report, we recommend consulting with legal counsel.

Scope:  Varies

Turnaround time (average):  1 Business Day

Type of Source:  Consumer Credit Agency

Required Information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Current Address
  • Address History
  • Social Security Number

Method: Credit reports are requested by name, address and SSN. Consumer initiated security freezes must be removed by the consumer before the release of credit information.