New Client Setup Submission

Please note that new client setup requires a few steps in order to ensure your information is accurate and you are receiving the correct services.  Here are the steps involved in setting up your company as a client.  The process is fairly simple and actually takes just a short period to complete.

Step 1:  Complete and submit this form.
Step 2:  Printout your PDF version of our "Client Service Agreement"
Step 3:  Sign and return all pages of the "Client Service Agreement"
Step 4:  Blue Line will activate your account and you will receive a "Welcome Email".
Step 5:  Once your account is active you may submit your candidates via any approved method.

General Information
Business Name:    
Physcial Address:   
Is your company a Franchise or Branch of a Parent company?   
Contact Information
Full Name:    
Phone:    Email:  
Fax:   Other:
Is your fax secure ( is safe to send confidential information)  
Billing Information  
Full Name:
Billing Address:
Billing Email:     (All invoices are delivered via email)
Business Information
Nature of Business (i.e. staffing agency, IT consultant, retail):  
Is your company engaged in insurance underwriting?  
Are you an attorney, detective or investigative agency?  
Does your company intend to resell this information?  
Does your company provide repair or credit counseling service?  
Is your company a vendor for Federal Express?  
If you are a FedEx Vendor, please provide your FedEx Sponsor Employee ID.
Payment (all payments are net 30 by invoice)  

Comments/Questions (please feel free to list any comments or questions)